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Brightening Laser 


What is Brightening Laser?

Brightening Laser is a laser that has the ability to reduce melanin production and dissolving dark spots, so it can

  • Adjust uneven skin tone to look closer together.

  • Solve the problem of dullness

  • Reduce dark spots

  • Reduce blemish

  • Reduce scars


In addition, Brightening Laser also helps stimulating collagen, making skin look younger, softer, smoother.

What parts can Brightening Laser be done?

Brightening Laser can be done in several body parts:

  • Face - Reduce acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone, dull skin

  • Armpits - Whiten and smoothen

  • Elbow - Whiten and smoothen

  • Knees - Whiten and smoothen

  • Chest - Reduce dark acne spots

  • Back - Reduce dark acne spots

  • Arms - Reduce scars visibility

  • Legs - Reduce scars visibility

Does brightening laser makes your face thinner?

Our brightening laser focuses on emitting light energy to break down the pigment cells. After that, white blood cells absorb or decompose abnormal pigments. And will be eliminated by excretion of waste from the body without any side effects. So our laser making does not thin the skin.

How long does it take for Brightening Laser to see results?

You will gradually see the changes after your first session of Brightening Laser. After session, the treatment area will be darker because the laser has destroyed the abnormal melanin cells and gets rid of these pigments. The process takes about 2-3 months, depending on the individual skin condition.

This should be done continuously for at least 3 times with gap of 3-4 weeks apart in order to see clear results. But it depends on the depth of the pigment in that area as well.

How to treat myself after laser?

After doing the laser, you can live and put on make up normally. It is strongly recommended that you apply sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the sun, so that the efficiency of the laser can work at its fullest.

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Why should you get Brightening Laser at Tiara Clinic?
at Tiara Clinic

- Our laser machine has been approved by US FDA, European CE, KFDA and Thai FDA -​

- Operated by certified doctors only -

- Your safety is your priority -

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