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Botu Toxi for Wrinkle Reduction & Face Lifting

Reduce Wrinkles, Crow's Feet, Bunny Lines, Forehead Wrinkles
Face Lifting and Reshaping
Reduce Sweat and Body Odors

What is "Botu Toxi"?

Botu Toxi or Botulinum Toxin is  popular amongst cosmetologists for wrinkle reduction, face reshaping, face lifting, reducing sizes of certain muscles, and reducing sweats and odor.


Botu Toxi is a type of protein extracted from the creation of bacteria "Clostridium Botulinum". It has effects on nervous system, called acetylcholine (acetylcholine), which controls muscles movements. As a result of Botu Toxi, the injected muscles relax like they are temporarily paralyzed and do not move with facial expressions, so no wrinkle appears.


There are two types of Botulinum Toxin:Type A : It is used in the beauty industry to reduce wrinkles and improve facial appearance.Type B : Suitable for use with other parts of the body.


Where can I inject Bo?

  • Reducing wrinkles

Botu Toxi can help in reducing facial wrinkles, such as crow's feet, bunny lines, wrinkles on the forehead. Popular spots of injection are the tail of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the forehead.

  • Face slimming

by injecting Botu Toxi on the jaws, causing the jaw to immobilized, resulting in V Shape face

  • Reducing body odor and sweating

By injecting Botu Toxi in problem areas, such as armpits, palms, and soles,​ to reduce sweat gland activity, leading to less sweat and odors.

  • Reducing muscle sizes

Botu Toxi injection at calf can make your leg looks slimmer.

Case Review - Wrinkle Reduction - Tiara Clinic Bangkok Lat Krabang near Airport
  • ฉีดโบกราม โบลดกราม ปรับหน้าเรียว

โดยการฉีดโบที่กราม ทำให้กรามไม่ขยับและหน้าเรียว ดูเป็น V Shape ยิ่งขึ้น

Case Review - Wrinkle Reduction - Tiara Clinic Bangkok Lat Krabang near Airport
  • ฉีดโบลิฟท์หน้า

ฉีดโบบริเวณกรอบหน้าเพื่อลิฟท์หน้า หรือ ยกกรอบหน้าให้ดูเรียว ได้รูปมากขึ้น

  • ฉีดโบลดกลิ่นตัวและลดเหงื่อ

โดยฉีดยาใบในบริเวณที่มีปัญหา เช่น รักแร้ ฝ่ามือ ฝ่าเท้า​ เพื่อลดการทำงานของต่อมเหงื่อ ทำให้ เหงื่อออกน้อยลงและแก้ปัญหากลิ่นตัวแรง ด้วย

  • ฉีดโบลดน่อง

โดยฉีดโบในบริเวณน่องเพื่อให้กล้ามเนื้อคลายตัวและทำงานน้อยลงเวลาขยับ​ ทำให้ ขาดูเล็กลงและเรียวขึ้น

How many days will the result be seen?

Botu Toxi will start working in just 7-14 days after injection and you will see full results in 30 days.

Does Botu Toxi makes you look unnatural?

Some people find that their faces do not look natural as they do not show much of facial expressions, especially when they smile. That might be the possibility of over usage of drug in some particular area. Therefore, don't forget to inform your doctor if you seek for natural look.

How long does it last?

This depends on the purity and amount of medication used, and also how you take care of yourself post-session. If you use lots of facial expressions, regularly exposed to heat such as hair dryers, saunas, or are frequent alcoholic beverages drinkers, the drug will wear off faster.

Does it have any residue?

The drug is designed to naturally dissolve itself after the injection period is due, so no residue will be left in the body.

Is it dangerous?

Botu Toxi injection is not dangerous if you use genuine product under the supervision of a physician. 

How many brands are there?

Currently, there are many brands of Botulinum ToxinType-A, i.e. Aestox (South Korea), Nabota (South Korea), Hugel (South Korea), and BTXA (Hong Kong). The main differences are the purity, the result look and durability after injection.


Which brand should I choose?

Brand selection depends on your preferences and budget. Using lower quality product might require you to repeat your session earlier. High-purity, long-lasting ones usually cost more; however, it can reduce the risk of resistance.

Why use drugs that have passed the Thai FDA?

The drug must be stored at a cool temperature at all times (about -5 to 8 degrees) in order to maintain its efficacy. When not stored at the right temperature, drug wears off, resulting in reduced efficacy, and may cause drug resistant or other undesirable effects. Drugs registered under Thai FDA have passed strict inspections and quality control on the drug shipping process from its origin country. This ensures that every bottle of drug with a Thai FDA registration number is safe and effective.

How do you know if a Botu Toxi is genuine?

There are 3 common items that you should be looking for:
1. The box must be sealed. No etching or opening from any angle.
2. Registration number with the Thai FDA (Reg. No.) should be printed on the box.
3. Production version (Lot No.), production date (MFD) and expiration date [EXP] of the drug on the product box and product label must match.

Some brands provide a QR Code, in which you can scan to check for verification.

Another way to avoid counterfeit drugs is to opt for a clinic that shows you the product before injection and gives you the box and bottle used to be taken back for inspection.

How often should I inject?

By injecting Botulinum Toxin Type-A into the face, our body reacts against Botu Toxi, resulting in immobilized muscles. However, if the injection is done too often, the body will be resistant to  Botulinum Toxin and you will not get the desired result. Therefore, it is recommended for you to choose high purity brand that lasts a long while, injects all the desired area at once, and reattend session after the suggested due period.

Why injections are not effective?

If the injection has started to see little or no change, that may be caused by drug resistant.


You can start by switching to higher purity brands; however, no one can tell how your body would react to the new product until you try it.


If brand changing still doesn't show desired results, it is recommended that you temporarily take gap for roughly 1-2 years before your next session to ensure that the drug is completely dissolved.


To reduce risk of drug resistance, it is advised to 

  • Choose a trusted clinic that uses genuine drugs.

  • Choose products that have passed the Thai FDA only.

  • Choose a high purity brand.

  • Inject according to timeframe recommended by the doctor or wait until the drug begin to dissolve before having another session.

Botox Injections

Preparation before injections

  • Get enough sleep

  • Stop taking vitamin E or fish oil 2-3 days before the injection.

  • Stop taking antibiotics or aspirin 1 week before the injection.

  • Bo is not recommended for those who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, nor breastfeeding.

  • Inform your doctor if you have any medical condition.

What should I do after injections?​​

  • Avoid lying down for the first 3 hours

  • Refrain from sleeping prone

  • During the first 2 weeks you should:

    • Avoid heat such as drying your hair, going to the sauna.

    • Abstain from drinking alcohol

    • Refrain from eating foods that expose your face to heat such hotpot.

    • Refrain from laser treatment and any type of treatment

  • In the case of jaw injections Gum should be chewed immediately for 30 minutes.

Where should I get Botu Toxi?

While choosing where to get your Botu Toxi, price should not be the only factor you take into consideration. These are other factors you should be looking for:

  • Reliable clinic that have a business license approved   by Ministry of Public Health

  • A doctor who has practitioner license

  • Drug used has manufacturer details, importer details, and FDA registration number.

  • A clinic that lets you to verify product genuinity

Don't get botulinum toxin if you don't get as follows - Tiara Clinic Lat Krabang Bangkok

ฉีดโบ ราคาเท่าไหร่

เรามีโบหลากหลายยี่ห้อให้คุณได้เลือกฉีดตามงบประมาณของคุณ โดยทางคลินิกจะขายแบบเหมาขวดเท่านั้นเพื่อให้ลูกค้ามั่นใจได้ว่าได้รับยาครบตามจำนวนที่ซื้อจริงๆ

โบฮ่องกง BT (อยู่นาน 2-3 เดือน)

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 6,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 11,990 บาท

โบเกาหลี Nabo (อยู่นาน 3-4 เดือน)

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 8,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 16,990 บาท

โบเกาหลีพรีเมี่ยม Aes (อยู่นาน 4-6 เดือน)

  • 50 ยูนิต ราคา 5,990 บาท

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 10,990 บาท

  • 150 ยูนิต ราคา 14,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 17,990 บาท

โบเกาหลีพรีเมี่ยม Hug (อยู่นาน 4-6 เดือน)

  • 50 ยูนิต ราคา 6,990 บาท

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 12,990 บาท

  • 150 ยูนิต ราคา 17,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 22,990 บาท

โบเยอรมัน Xeo (อยู่นาน 6-8 เดือน)

  • 50 ยูนิต ราคา 9,990 บาท

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 18,990 บาท

  • 150 ยูนิต ราคา 26,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 31,990 บาท

โบอังกฤษ Dysp (อยู่นาน 4-6 เดือน)

  • 300 ยูนิต (เทียบเท่ายี่ห้ออื่น 120 ยูนิต) ราคา 17,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต (เทียบเท่ายี่ห้ออื่น 200 ยูนิต) ราคา 27,990 บาท

โบอเมริกา Juve (อยู่นาน 6-8 เดือน)

  • 50 ยูนิต ราคา 11,490 บาท

  • 100 ยูนิต ราคา 19,990 บาท

  • 150 ยูนิต ราคา 28,990 บาท

  • 200 ยูนิต ราคา 35,990 บาท



What should I do after Bo injections?​​
How many days will the result be seen
Does it makes you look unnatural?
How long does it last?
Does it have any residue?
Is Bo dangerous?
How many brands of Bo are there?
Which brand should I choose?
Why use drugs that have passed the Thai FDA?
How do you know if a drug is genuine?
How often should I inject?
Why Bo injections are not effective?
Preparation before Bo injections
Where should I get Bo?​

Why should you get Botu Toxi at Tiara Clinic?

At  Tiara Clinic

- We have English speaking doctors who can understand your preferences. -

 - We only use genuine drugs that are registered under Thai FDA. -

- When you purchase the whole bottle, we open a new box, show you all the process,

and let you take the bottle and box home for verification. -

 - Various brands at different price points are offered, so you can choose

according to your preferences and budget. -

- All doctors have professional licenses and conduct each steps of treatment. -


Make an appointment for

a FREE consultation with our doctors

before you decide.


Testimonial - Tiara Clinic Lat Krabang Bangkok
Testimonial - Tiara Clinic Lat Krabang Bangkok
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