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Our Story

Tiara Clinic

Tiara Clinic has been established in 2017 at The Paseo Mall Lat Krabang.

from strong determination of Dr. Satima Chailervanichkul (M.D.)

who wants everyone to be accessible to good and genuine aesthetic medicines 

at reasonable prices near their house.

Tiara Clinic currently locates on the first floor of iCondo Green Space Sukhumvit 77.

(Next to The Paseo Mall Lat Krabang)


Dr. Satima Chailertvanichkul - Tiara Clinic Lat Krabang Bangkok

Free consult with the doctors

before making your decision

We understand that you would like to know

as much as you could before deciding.

Therefore, we invite you to get your recommendation from our doctors before you decide.

Only recommend what are needed

Our doctors only recommend the best options

for our customers without forcing you to pay

more than you need. 


Everytime you purchase the whole pack of product,

our staffs will show Lot. No. and expiration date

labelled on the product, opening you a new package,

and draw every single drop of drug. You can bring back the package for verification.


No Force Sell

We are not profit oriented, so you do not have

to worry that we will force you

to purchase something that you don't want.

Pay what you want

We offer you brand options,

so you can choose according to your budget.

Safety First

Our doctors have practitioners licenses.

We only use products that are safe

and have passed Thai FDAs.

Dr. Satima Chailertvanichkul - Tiara Clinic Lat Krabang Bangkok
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